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Roofing Repairs in Calvert County

Roofing in Calvert County Maryland is a breeze! The beautiful scenery makes work easy and the days fly by! Calvert County is full of gorgeous homes full of history! Let our roofing company come and keep your Calvert County home looking beautiful.

We’re the company you want to call because we:

  1. employ trustworthy people
  2. keep our appointments
  3. give competitive bids
  4. use quality materials
  5. have never seen a commercial or residential job we couldn’t handle

We‘re a roofing contractor you can trust in Calvert County!

Call us or fill out our contact form when you need a roofing contractor in Calvert County and we will be happy to give you a free estimate!


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I used this company for my most recent project. They installed a new roof and windows. Both crews were on time. I was very pleased with their work, cleanliness and professionalism. I will hands down use this company again on my next project.

Donald J.

Calvert County Roofing Company

Two Brothers Roofing is committed to being excellent. This is what separates our work from our competitors. A roof is a major investment for your property and we will apply our vast knowledge and expertise to each project we are entrusted to build. We adhere to all building codes as well as industry standards and guidelines. Let us prove to you that we can build a beautiful functional roof that will last for decades to come.

All on our crew are licensed roofers who have years of experience. Ask about what warranties we offer as it depends of the type of roof and materials used.

Calvert County Roofing Contractor

Did you know there was a difference between a roofer, a roofing company, and a roofing contractor? It can be confusing to hear such similar terms and not know what the difference really is. Someone who simply works on roofs can call themselves a roofer. Rest assured that crew at Two Brothers Roofing is licensed and insured with the state of Maryland as a roofing contractor that is also a company. Our specialties are in repairing and installing residential and commercial roofs of any kind.

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Types of Roofing Repairs

No matter what type of problem you are having in Calvert, we can fix it! As long as it’s related to your roof. Whether you have a valley leak, a chimney leak, need a vent replaced, need a power vent installed, have shingles that need to be replaced, need rotten wood replaced, have an antenna that’s fallen, or have a flat roof that is leaking… our technicians will handle all these roofing issues and more.

Valley Leaks

A roof valley is the “V” shaped metal channels the run up and down the ‘folds’ of a roof. They are designed to drain runoff water, but can take a beating from the elements over time. These areas are common leak sites on shingle roofs.

The leak can often be repaired by replacing affected shingles and structural elements and the flashing, or the material that connects the roof material to some other building material or to another part of the roof.

Chimney Leaks

Often times the cause of the leak will be the flashing around the chimney. It may start to pull away from the roof, leaving cracks, or vulnerable entry points for water and debris. Most brick chimneys will have several other areas to check, including leaking bricks, condensation from an unlined chimney, mortar joints and the chimney crown, or cement part on the top of the chimney – also known as a mud cap.

There’s many different reasons why you may have a chimney leak and it can often be hard to pin point the reason. Save yourself the time and hassle and call Two Brother Roofing to come find the source and fix it.

Vent Replacements

Roof vents allow for proper attic ventilation. This is important because it may help prevent condensation and early aging of your roofing materials. It also helps regulate the temperature inside your attic, which in turn, may affect the temperature and energy efficiency throughout your home.

If you suspect your vent needs to be replaced, give us a call and we would be happy to inspect it and replace it, if needed.

Shingle Replacement

If you own a shingled roof, you are aware of the investment it is. When a storm strikes your roof may have received major or minor damage. Depending on the number of shingles that have been damaged, we may recommend a complete roof replacement, but often times, and for a much, much cheaper cost, we can replace individual shingles.

Replacing only the shingles that have been damaged can save you thousands of dollars and ensure that your investment lasts for many more years to come.

Rotted Roof Wood Replacement

Rooted roof wood, also known as roof decking, is what sits beneath the shingles. If moisture begins to leak or seep through the shingles, the wood can begin to rot over time. This leads to leaks in your home.

Because this wood cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. If you are experiencing a leaking roof, but are not sure of the source, this area will be on the list of places to check for leaks.

Flat Roof Leaks

Residential properties are not the only roofs that can leak. Most often commercial buildings will have a flat roof, but this doesn’t mean they can’t have problems too.
Flat roofs are often built up of layers of roofing felt and tar. Low spots or where the roof has been damaged may be the source of the leaks. In most cases, the leak is directly below the damaged spot and the damage to the roofing felt is easy to see.

No Matter The Type Of Leak, We Can Fix It

To save yourself the risk, time, and hassle, we encourage all of our customers to call us before they try diagnosing the source of the leak themselves. All you need to know is that there is a leak and that’s enough reason for us to come out. So, we ask that you not risk falling from a ladder, falling from a roof, or risk losing your precious time trying to figure out the exact problem. Give us a call today, and one of our expert Calvert technicians will be out as soon as possible to look at the problem.

Our Roofing Company Guarantee

Among our many roofing warranties, as a company we personally offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, No Matter What commitment to all our customers. Your roof is an investment for your family or business and it deserves to be installed or repaired the correct way, the first time. If you’re not happy with our work, then we’re not finished with your project. That’s how we do business – period.

Our Calvert County Service Area

Our ‘satisfaction guaranteed, no matter what’ commitment to our customers extends to all our neighbors throughout Calvert county. Anywhere Route 4 or Route 2 will take you, from Dunkirk down to Solomons, we happily service the entire county and her sister counties as well.

  • Dunkirk
  • Owings
  • Huntingtown
  • Prince Frederick
  • Broomes Island
  • St Leonard
  • Lusby
  • Solomons

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a roofing company or roofing contractor you can trust – look no further! With over 30 years experience, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and Fast and Free estimates we know you’ll be more than satisfied with our work.

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How much does a roof repair cost in Calvert County?

This will depend on the age of the roof, the type of roofing material, and the source of the damage or leak. Two Brothers Roofing offers free roof inspections and would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding a roof repair

What’s the difference between a roofing company, a roofing contractor, and a roofer?

A roofer may be anyone that works on a roof. They don’t have to be licensed to call themselves a roofer. A roofing contractor works only on roofs, unlike a general contractor, and is always licensed with the state. They often will carry out the roofing jobs themselves. A roofing company usually employees a crew of licensed roofers that are used to working together.

Should I figure out where my roof leak is coming from before calling a roofing company?

As an experienced roofing company, we actually advise saving your time and avoiding the risk of injury by letting us find the source of the leak. We are familiar with the most common and the lesser common reasons for leaks. Even if you tell your roofing company where you think the leak is coming from, they will usually check other areas while they are there.

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Two brothers roofing, helped me patch up my roof-and they did a fantastic job!

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This is a high quality roofing company. They use great products and their techniques are quick. We are very happy with our new roof.

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We are so impressed with this company! They were quick and did a fantastic job on our roof! 5 star company!

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Great Roofing Company!!!! The materials used are high quality and their techniques are efficient!

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Two brothers roofing is a great company! The employees are hard workers and they get the job done. I will be recommending them to my family and friends.