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Believe it or not…

From all the major building components in your home or business, your roof is the most fragile in many ways. The reasons behind this fact are numerous. From severe weathering to expansion and contraction, our roofs suffer a lot each and every season. Therefore, having a solid roof is more than important – and in most of the cases – is what keeps your family safe and comfortable.

Since a roof is expected to last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, it is a well worth investment no matter which way you go.

Below, we are talking about this topic in more detail.

Little-Known Facts About Your Roof (& Potential Signs That You Need An Expert)

As an experienced roofer, we are here to help you scratch your head and think about your roof all the time. Below we are compiling a list of several interesting and little-known facts about it.

Red and white cedar shingles are the most common roofing type for homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Some insurance companies charge more to cover a home with a wood-shake roof because of its fire potential - and others won’t even insure it at all.

Metal roofing is often lighter in weight than wood shingles.

The most common weak spots in any roof are the areas that need protection from flashing - but not necessarily signs that you need to replace your entire roof.

Water likes to travel before it drips on your ceiling visibly - even up to twenty feet away from the original leak in a roof.

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Preparing for every season should include a check on your roof and should bring more than just winter or summer clothes from the back of your closet. Even though every season is different when it comes to storms, heavy rainfall, snowfall or winds, the first place where those changes are best felt is the inside of your home or business.

If you are seeing the following signs on your roof…

….You may be in real trouble.

Despite the fact that an average roof lasts from 15 to 20 years, your roof needs constant maintenance and may have a shorter lifespan if you live in an area like Southern Maryland. The change of weather, different season and rainfall/snowfall can all contribute to the stability of your roof.

Whether you are seeing this problems as we speak, or just want to do a check on your roof, our roofing experts in Maryland are here to help you.

Meet The Two Brothers Roofing: The Most Passionate Roofing Experts

If you live in Southern Maryland,the best way to make sure that your roof is stable and on-point is to hire a professional roofing contractor.

At The Two Brothers, we are more than just that. As a team of passionate roofing experts, we can locate the cause of your leak and quickly but effectively stop it. For more than 15 years, our teams have been servicing Maryland and going the extra mile to make sure that every roofing and siding projects is completed to your 100% satisfaction.

Over the past decade, Two Brothers Roofing has grown from a small and locally-owned business to one of the best known roofing contractors in the Greater Maryland area. Even though we specialize in roof repair in Southern Maryland, we have been called out in the surrounding areas many times – mostly in order to prove our specialty when it comes to repairing roofs suffering from simple wear and tear, ice and hail damage as well as leaks.

Stopping the damage on your roof is our priority. With this, we prevent it from spreading to the rest of your roof and the rest of your home. Below, you can see some of the main roofing services that we offer in Southern Maryland and the surrounding areas.

And the best part?

With us, you don’t need to worry if your home has a Victorian roofing or gingerbread details. We have already worked on hundreds of roofs just like yours and are known as the “all-around specialists”.

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Our List Of Roofing Services In Southern Maryland

If you are looking for 24-hour and tax deductible emergency leak repairs service in Southern Maryland, you landed on the right page. If you are looking for expert repair on your shingles, gutters, flashing and masonry with state-of-art equipment, you landed on the right page. And if you need a roofing expert that can properly inspect every potential roof leak in your home or office, you are once again on the right page.

Two Brothers Roofing in Southern Maryland is more than just a company name. We are here to build trust and show you how important your roof is. With us, there will be no more risky walks on your roof, no more hours of searching for the source of a leak and no more flashlights pointed to dark and wet areas.

We are fully insured and licensed roofing contractor in Southern Maryland – which means that no matter what, you are working with a professional. Below is a little visual representation of our main services.

Residential Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services

As you can clearly see from the services listed above, we are here to help you with each and every aspect of your roof. Moreover, we service all roof types in Southern Maryland and have been voted with 5.0 stars on Google Maps in more than three counties.

In short, the best way to see the quality of our work is through our satisfied clients – and their personal recommendations.

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2018 Roofing Cost Guide:

What’s The Average Cost Of Roofing In Southern Maryland?

Let’s face it – each roof is unique on its own. Not only because of its condition – but also the materials it is made of, the years it’s been there, its size and many other factors.

In fact, the price of your roof repair in Southern Maryland can fluctuate depending on many factors, including:

There is a lot of time, effort as well as equipment involved in keeping your roof in top condition. Even if it’s preventative maintenance, it is important to get realistic about professional roof installation costs and see what’s involved in the full process.

So, the estimated cost of a new roof goes around $7,000 on average – versus the (much more affordable) average cost of roof repair in Southern Maryland which is usually between $500 and $700.

But how to tell if you need a new roof – or just a couple of fixes?

The visual representation that we did below can help.

New Roof Installation

Roof Repair

When getting an estimate from a roofer for your install or replacement project, you should know that you will probably get quoted on a “per square” basis. In most of the cases, your contractor won’t invoice everything or itemize it – which is why you need to be transparent about the following:

If you are ready for any of these two scenarios, now is the best time to get a free estimate for your roof repair or new roof installation.

Promotion: $500 Off Any $5,000+ Roof Services

Spring is the best time to repair your roof or even consider a new one in your home or business. After all, the roof repairs will only be seamless when you hire the right contractor to patch and prevent leaks.

In order to prove that, our company Two Brothers Roofing is giving you a $500 discount on any roofing job that is more than $5,000 in terms of value. This includes every type of roof – and every type of problem!

Not only you are saving…

When you choose to upgrade your roofing, it can make your home or business look fresh and new. Whether it’s the siding to make an impact on passerby or the shingles to improve your roof’s structure, now is the best time to protect your new roof from rain damage.

Now is the right time to give your home or business a roofing facelift!

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In the end, replacing a roof is a sizeable job that can lead to many different complications. On the other hand, even the smallest roof repair job can sometimes take longer than planned. When these things turn unexpected, it is important to stay calm and consider the chance of having your roof stripped. Moreover, rest assured that you are choosing professional roofing contractors that knows what they are doing.

At The Two Brothers Roofing, we pride ourselves on serving Southern Maryland. As a five-star voted roofing contractor, we are here to give you the estimate you need with every single detail covered.

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