Things to do in St. Mary’s County

Things to do in St. Mary’s County

Since we’re from here, and we’re not all work and no play, we wanted to write a blog on things we like to do in St. Mary’s


Not only is Sotterly a place to go to since I’ve been a small boy, offering canoe trips, day sails, and even a school field trip where we stayed in tents over night (this way 30 years ago, not sure they still do this) but its a beautiful water front view on the Patuxant river and events all year long.

things to do in st marys county include southerly, point lookout, farmers market and more

Farmers Market in Charlotte Hall

The bain of my existence on Wednesday and Saturdays if I’m not going there, the Farmers Market in Charlotte Hall is so popular it clogs up traffic for about a quarter of a mile in between lights. But if i am going there… it has a ton of cheap goods, amish vegetables, vendor food and fatty snacks.

Old Town Leonardtown Wharf

Its no wonder the wharf in leonardtown gets so many walkers and joggers. The sunset is beautiful and its always peaceful. There are just enough people there to remind you that its beautiful and well known, not enough to annoy you. It’s just leonardtown after all, it will only ever get so busy.

Point Lookout Maryland

Visit St. Marys  has all the details but Point Lookout is the furthest most beach and has a beautiful rock wall my wife and i like to go out on and enjoy the waves. You can watch the sunrise on one side, hang out all day, and watch the sunset on the other side. No matter what time of day you go, you can find a view on a peninsula.