Shutter Installation Mechanicsville, MD

Shutter Installation Mechanicsville, MD

Give your home a nice final touch with beautiful window shutters. We’re happy to offer professional shutter installation in Mechanicsville! Shutters can add an elegant, rustic, and/or homey appeal to a home depending on the style and color you choose. Allow our team to help you pick the perfect shutters for your property! Once you’ve chosen the color and material, we’ll take care of the installation.

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters are among the most popular, if not the most popular, designs, and they offer a nice aesthetic appeal. This design comes in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, and aluminum, and comes in several different designs. You can choose from single panel, the traditional double panel, three panel, and flat-panel design. 

What is the Best Material for Shutters?

There are a variety of shutter materials you can choose from to best match your home’s overall style. Below, we list a few of the most popular ones!


Aluminum offers durability and weather resistance, making it a solid choice for Maryland’s hot and humid summers and bitterly cold winters. You don’t have to worry about warping or rotting. Aluminum also offers a nice aesthetic appeal, being easily customizable to best match your home’s style. One downside is that this material tends to be more expensive than its alternatives, but if you’re looking for durability and don’t mind the additional cost, then aluminum may be the best choice for you!


Wood offers a beautiful, rustic look that adds warmth to your home. However, with Maryland’s climate, this might not be the best material as it is prone to warping and requires more maintenance than its alternatives do. Therefore, we usually recommend this material to homeowners who live in drier areas where humidity isn’t an issue. It can also be more pricey depending on the type of wood you choose. On the positive side, however, wood offers great insulation and is extremely customizable to match your home. If you’re looking for a rustic, natural shutter material and aren’t afraid of a little maintenance, wooden shutters might be for you.


If you’re looking for a more affordable shutter material that looks beautiful and clean-cut, vinyl is a great option! However, it’s important to note that this material does require some maintenance and regular cleaning. Although they are more weather resistant than wood in a lot of ways, they can still warp and even crack from constant exposure to harsh elements and climates. Overall, if you don’t mind some maintenance and need shutters for a lot of windows around your house, vinyl may be the choice for you.

Hire the Best Shutter Installation Contractor in Mechanicsville!

We understand that it can be overwhelming to pick the right shutter material and style for your home. You likely want a combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance. The best thing to do is to give us a call so one of our experts can offer customized support and make the needed recommendations. Each material has its pros and cons and it’s important to be aware of your options so you can choose the right shutters for your property. We’d also be happy to help with your roof maintenance and repair projects! Call us or fill out our online form for your free estimate on any of our services!