The Ultimate Roof Replacement Checklist

The Ultimate Roof Replacement Checklist

Is it time for a roof replacement? Here is a quick checklist of what you need to do before the job begins. 

Protect Items in Your Attic

If you have an attic, you should cover items with a tarp to protect them from dust from the new installation. This is a messy job and although your contractor will likely do their best to clean up after they are done, you can go the extra mile and protect your belongings with this simple step.

Cut the Grass

If you have grass below the roof, debris will likely fall and get lost in it. Having a clean-cut lawn makes it easier for the contractors to locate fallen debris after the job is done.

Clear the Driveway

To make the process smooth and safe for you and your contractors, clear the driveway of vehicles and other mobile objects so that there is a clear pathway to your roof. It’s also a good idea to move any mobile objects such as furniture and children’s toys away from the area below the roof so that the space is clear and none of your property is damaged during the job.

Tell Your Neighbors

This is a noisy job that can last for a couple of weeks depending on the extent of the project. So, it’s a good idea to let your neighbors know so that they are prepared for the noise. Be courteous and considerate with a little heads up!

Protect and Mark Fragile Plants or Trees

With roof replacement comes falling debris such as nails and old shingles (which can be heavy!). Cover your plants and flower beds with a tarp and make sure the roofing company is aware that that is a fragile area. It may also be good to mark fragile trees that can be damaged from falling debris. Clearly communicate with your contractor to ensure your vegetation is safe.

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