How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

It’s never too early to prepare your rooftop for the coming hurricane season. In this article, we discuss 5 steps you can take this week to ensure your rooftop is prepared for Maryland’s hurricane season. This will help keep you and your family safe during intense storms and help maximize the life of your roof.

Inspect Your Roof

The first step is to inspect your rooftop for any problematic areas or soft spots. We do not recommend you inspect it yourself as you can injure yourself without the proper training and equipment. Our team at Two Brothers Roofing of Mechanicsville can take care of this important step for you. With our experience, training, and equipment, we’ll inspect your rooftop for any signs of damage. 

Repair Loose Shingles

Hurricane winds can reach up to 190 miles per hour! Therefore, it’s good to repair any loose shingles or tiles so they don’t detach from your home and cause more damage. Further damage could result from water reaching below the roof’s surface, causing leaks. 

Clean the Gutters

Although your gutters are not directly part of your roof, they have a large impact on its lifespan and ability to endure intense weather. It’s good to clean out your gutter system to ensure rainwater has somewhere to go after it hits your rooftop. If your gutters are full of debris during a rainstorm of any kind, water will have nowhere to go, which could cause roofs to leak and gutters to sag or even break, causing further damage. 

Trim Overhanging Trees

Strong winds can break branches and cause even large trees to fall. It’s a good idea to inspect the trees around your home, remove the hazardous trees, and trim branches that overhang your roof. This not only protects your roof from falling branches but protects your entire house from falling trees, which could cause severe damage, injury, and even death! 

Inspect Fascia & Soffit Areas

It’s beneficial to inspect other, commonly overlooked, areas of your roof including your fascia and soffit. The fascia is the area right underneath your gutters whereas the soffit is the section of your roof that faces the ground horizontally. Inspect these for areas of rot, which weakens the structure of your rooftop.

Call Your Local Roofing Professionals!

Need the help of a roofing professional? Two Brothers would be happy to inspect your roof and make the needed recommendations to ensure your rooftop is well maintained and prepared for storms of any kind. 

We know Maryland experiences changing weather patterns year-round, so it’s never a bad time to start maintaining your rooftop. We can help you prepare it for the winter storms and ice, summer thunderstorms, and more! Just give us a call and we’ll get you started with a free estimate.